things to do at home covid-19

Things to do at home because of COVID-19

As the cases of COVID-19 are rapidly increasing and was declared as a pandemic across the world by WHO, the economy have taken a big turn down the chart. In Malaysia the case went from 100 to 600 in less than a week time. The government then decided to have a movement restriction imposed on the whole country, closing every sectors except those that provides daily necessity from 18th March to 31st March.
Which means you will have to stay in for 2 weeks. So what are the things to do while you’re stuck at home due to COVID-19?

Some might be required to work from home, or some people might not even need to work at all. So get yourself somethings to do and make use of the 2 weeks time!

Here’s a list of things that you could be doing because of the COVID-19:-

  1. Start Writing
    Write for websites that will pay you for each articles or number of views for the article that was written. Pages like Goody25, PopDaily provides a great platform for writers to earn while expressing their thoughts.
    Goody25 used to be a Chinese platform, but they recently launched an English version of the website! So you can join and start writing too if you don’t know Chinese.

  2. Online freelancing
    Websites like UpWork or Fiverr provides plenty of freelancing jobs, such as transcribing, translating, logo designing, Photoshop and even coding.
    Other than that, you can also start teaching online and earn money while you’re doing nothing at home. You can even ask your neighbors or relatives if their children needed any extra tutoring and you can offer the lessons through online.

  3. Start your own channel
    Yep! Start that YouTube channel that you’ve been itching to do.
    Malaysia’s YouTube community definitely need more meaningful and creative contents. So go ahead and pick up those filming and editing skills and start doing it.

  4. Learn to invest
    You finally have the time to research more on investments options!
    If you’re interested in stocks market, take up a 14-days challenge by studying 1 or 2 annual report of a company of your choice everyday.
    By the end of the quarantined, you’ll definitely learn more about investment!

  5. Pick up a new hobby/skill
    Learn how to play a music instrument, start painting, knitting or even learn how to sing!
    Read a book or play a video games! Games help stimulate our thinking as well, so it’s good to be playing games.

  6. Start exercising
    Your body would probably start to feel stiff after being home for so many days.
    Find a slightly spacious area in your house and start doing simple work out like TABATA, HIIT or Yoga.
    Get those muscles moving even you’re at home, set a target to lose weights or gain some muscles by the end of the quarantine 😉

  7. Binge watch movies/dramas
    Catching up with all those movies or drama that you didn’t have the time to watch.
    I’ve recently just watched Parasite for the second time and managed to finish Kingdom Season 2 as well. Putting Studio Ghibli’s movie in my list for these 2 weeks and also the latest documentary from Netflix – Dirty Money featuring our ex-prime minister.

  8. Enjoy the break
    Just lay back with a cup of coffee or simply just look at social media all day long and enjoy the long break.

No matter what you choose to do during these 2 weeks of quarantine, make sure to stay in and keep the social distance if you’re meeting up with others.

Most importantly is always keep your hygiene level high and stay healthy everyone! 🙂

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