Budget February 2020

I know it is already end of March and this is a February post! I am extremely sorry for the delay but here’s the summary for my spending on February 2020! The graph breakdown of my spending for February 2020.

As what I’ve mentioned before on my January 2020 spending post, I will not be able to share the exact amount of my monthly income.
The total spending on February 2020 was RM 1,137.80 which is around 30% of my net income.
Do note that I do not have any house or car mortgages to pay. I stay with my parents and take public transport to work.
So what are my main spending for the month?

1) Food

The amount of money I spend on food are quite consistent, as I only need to pay for my lunch at work and only my dinner when I eat out. So monthly I’d normally spend less than RM 400 on food. But food is also the biggest part of my spending each month.

2) Gift

It was Valentine’s month, so I did get Boon a gift, which was a Razer gaming mouse. He got me a Birkenstock too! 😉 We’re both happy kid!

3) Game and PC!

YES this is the most exciting part for me! I bought the new Animal Crossing: New Horizon game that I used to play on Nintendo DS so much! I got the game copy now and have been playing everyday since.

I’ve actually bought a brand new custom PC at the end of February with my credit card that I have not paid for yet. That will be included in my March 2020 expenses instead, the amount of money for that brand new PC. :'( So do continue to support Malaysia Utopia to see how much I’ve spent in total for the PC.

Conclusion for February 2020

My wish for last month was to cut down on buying beauty and apparel which I did. Compared to last month my expenses was slightly lower.

I think the main reason was due to the virus outbreak, I tried to cut down on any gathering and date with Boon. So somehow we managed to save more without going on any movie or dinner dates.

My spending for March will definitely be very different due to the Movement Restriction Order that is currently happening. But most importantly is that everyone do stay safe and make sure your personal hygiene is good.

Upcoming goals

Definitely will be trying to stay alive (pun intended) for the month. I actually did set up a goal to post at least once a week on this blog, and I failed this month! Only managed to do 3 post for the month, so my goal for the coming month will be maintaining 3 posts per month!

Stay safe everyone and stay motivated! 😉

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