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Janice Low Suet Li

I am a 90’s baby that have been living in Malaysia since I was born. What I hope to achieve from this blog is to be able to share about my knowledge on Financial Planning. I am currently working as a full time Software Engineer at a tech company, trying to enjoy my life just like any other adults.

Other than Financial sharing, the blog will also occasionally features some lifestyle of a Malaysian, which includes food, tech and everything nice!

So do enjoy your time here 🙂

Saw Yee Boon

Heyy, same as Janice, I’m also another 90’s Malaysian baby and working as Software Engineer Consultant. I stumbled on a certain Warren Buffet’s Investment book two years ago and decided to dwell deep into Financials & Investments knowledge. Still an amateur here, but definitely like to share to everyone about the knowledge I have gathered so far.

Hopefully, you guys enjoy the articles written here!

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