Types of investments in Malaysia

Types of investments for beginners in Malaysia

Investment seems like a pretty big word for most people, but if you’re here trying to know more about personal investment, it is really a good start. I will not be explaining into too detail for each investment type, but just to share on the types of investments that are easier to learn for starters.

  1. Fixed Deposit (F.D)
    The good old fixed deposits is definitely the easiest to understand. You can click on the link to read a more detailed explanation about it.

    Interest Rates: 2.5% – 4%
    Duration: 1 month – 60 months
    Minimum amount : RM1,000

  2. Amanah Saham (ASNB)
    Amanah Saham are a type of funds that are government based. Just like any other funds, a pool of money will be invested into different type of investments managed by a fund manager. They offer 2 types of funds, 1 has a fixed price of RM1 per unit, and the other with different price.
    However the ASNB are mostly for Bumiputras but for Non-Bumiputra there’s currently 3 types of funds that are available which are the ASM, ASM 2 Wawasan and ASM3.
    I personally think that this is a really good investment but the quantity for the funds are limited, and it is really hard to buy it.

    Interest Rates: 5% – 6%
    Duration: No fixed duration
    Minimum amount : RM10

  3. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
    Properties are too expensive for you to invest? Just invest in REITs instead! REITs are real estates such as shopping malls, hotel and offices. By buying REITs, you will become part of the investor for your favorite mall too!
    Buying REITs are like stock, each REITs have different price and you can buy it through your banks investment portal, brokers or with RAKUTEN (which I’m currently using).

    Interest Rates: 5% – 7%
    Duration: No fixed duration
    Minimum amount : Depending on the price

  4. Gold/Silver
    I don’t think gold and silver needs any explanation to it. Buying gold have been one of the top choices since decades ago, since the price of gold will increase with inflation rate as well. You can choose to get a physical gold from gold stores or with the help of technology, getting it online from HELLOGOLD works too.

  5. Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)
    If you know about EPF, which is government based, this private retirement scheme has similar concept but it is mostly managed by different financial institute.
    It is a long term investment. There’s 3 different risk types for it, depending on your age range it will allocate the funds to different risk level. The best thing for me is it allows personal tax relief up to RM3000 per year.

    Interest Rates: 2% – 5%
    Duration: Until retirement age
    Minimum amount : Varies between each provider

There are a few more investment choices in Malaysia, things like P2P lending, stocks and more. But these require more studies and understanding on it before investing, thus not included in this post.

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