January 2020 Spending

Budget January 2020

It is already the second month of 2020 already? January was definitely a busy month to me as a Chinese as Chinese New Year was in January and there’s plenty of open house, meeting up with friends and relatives.
So it went past real quick! So here’s a graph breakdown of my spending for January 2020.

January 2020 spending
My spendings for January 2020.

I will only be able to share my expense for the month and not my exact income due to the company’s confidential.
My total January 2020 spending was RM 1,398.50 which is around 35% of my net income. Which means the rest of the 65% went into savings this month! (yay)

1) Domain and Hosting

This is the most satisfying spend for the month. Both the domain and hosting for this blog was purchased from namecheap.com with RM131.

I put this under self-development category as I see this place as an opportunity to grow myself, and extremely thankful to everyone that is reading this!

2) Investment

The only investment this month was the money invested at Genting. Which was an extremely high risk investment (obviously) and it was a 100% lost. Lesson to learn: Gamble less!
By the time I’m writing this post, the corona virus hit hard on the stock market this few days, so my spending for February will most probably be on stock investment, so do follow my Facebook page to stay updated!

3) Foods!

This month’s food expenses was RM 313.50, on average of RM10 per day. I normally eat really less, where I tend to have breakfast and dinner at home. As for lunch at work I’d normally just spend around RM5 per meal, most of the time I’ll skip ordering beverages when I eat out. Beverages normally are the ones that cost the most, and it’s also healthier to drink less beverages! Win win situation.

Conclusion for January 2020

These are the few main spending for the month of January 2020, and I’m quite satisfied with my spending for the month, given that it is a month with more outings and activity.

Hopefully I am able to cut down on the beauty and apparel category for the next few months. As I’ve spend too much on buying face mask, hand sanitizer and wet tissues to keep myself virus-free and splurge on unnecessary makeups as well.

February’s spending will most probably be much higher as Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I am also trying to save up on the soon to be launched Animal Crossing version of Nintendo Switch.

Upcoming goals

Setting up some goals for me to achieve for the year 2020 which may sound stupid, but hey, if you don’t even set a goal for yourself you will never be able to achieve anything at all. I am always someone that dreams big.

  1. Setting up my own YouTube channel
  2. Write more posts for the blog
  3. Malaysia Utopia will be able to hit at least 100k visitor by end of the year.
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10 thoughts on “Budget January 2020

  1. Bab spend banyak kat makan tu biasa lerr…yang lelain tu pun mesti ada…at least buat macam ni kita tau kan berapa kita keluar sebulan, kemudian boleh budget…interesting laa….maklumlaa Sis ni surirumah, semua Suami yang settle..

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