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My experience with Funding Societies Malaysia

P2P lending has been around for some time and yet not many people know or heard of it until Funding Societies started a proper platform for it.
Funding Societies is actually the first peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform back in 2017. This post will mainly be an experience sharing and review on Funding Societies Malaysia.

What exactly is this P2P lending actually is? To put it simple, Funding Societies is like the middle man between you and companies that are in need of money to grow their business. You basically invest your money into Funding Societies, they will collect money from investers like us and then lend the money to companies that engaged with them. The returns would range around 8 – 18% depending on the company’s business nature that you’re investing in.

The returns?

So I also started to invest some money in Funding Societies since last year June. The initial return was 12% for the first 5 months, it then drop to 7% recently due to one of my investment defaulted, which means the company wasn’t able to return the money that was borrowed. For example, I invested RM100 in this company, I would lost all my RM100 because the company wasn’t able to pay the amount.

To me the return was pretty great in the beginning, in only a short 8 months, I was able to get a 7% return which is much higher than any other investments out there. *Note that I only invested RM1,000 in Funding Societies.

Funding Societies Return Growth
Return growth over 8 months
Funding Societies Return Growth
Total amout earned with RM1000 investment in 8 months


There are plenty of investment opportunities in Funding Societies, there’s always new company engaging their platform to get financial investment. They will actually email to notify you when there’s investment opportunities available, and you could check the Fact Sheets provided to decide on whether you would invest in it.

However for someone that is as lazy as I am, I’d just leave the job to the autobot function that’s provided. I can just create the bot according to the risk level, the industry and the amount that I want to invest in, etc. The best part is you can create multiple bot with different settings too.

Funding Societies Autobot

Using autobot may sound really easy and make life easy. But there’s a small risk to that as I end up won’t really know what company that I’m investing in.

Final thoughts

The Funding Societies Malaysia is still considerably a pretty new platform in my opinion and it will definitely need some more time to grow to a better platform. So far I would only invest a small percentage of money in this platform and see how it grows. Most importantly is to know what you’re really investing in and find out your own risk level and the amount of money you can lose. Investment doesn’t guarantee a 100% profit, there’s always risk in investment, choose the one that you’re most comfortable with.

If you’ve decided to give a Funding Societies a try, you can get a RM30 bonus with a minimum RM1,000 investment when you sign up here!

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